Eco-friendly jewelry made with real, authentic butterfly wings that have been preserved for lifetimes of enjoyment. Only farm-raised butterflies are used, in cooperation with rainforest and wildlife conservation efforts. Each piece is hand mounted in the U.S. with precise detail. Pendants are double-sided, so both sides can be viewed. Breathtaking and truly one-of-a-kind.
Whether it's a bride wanting something different for her special day, or a family wanting a symbolic farewell to honor their beloved, butterfly releases are always magical. Suitable for any special occasion, live butterfly releases are a wonderful way to create new memories. We are able to provide butterflies from April through October in the Richmond, VA area. Butterflies to be released will be hand-delivered on the day of the event in a keepsake box with a demonstration of how to ensure a successful release. Current butterflies in use: PAINTED LADIES

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Our framed butterfly art comes from butterflies that were farm-raised in Peru, and most are native to South America. They lived out their natural lives and have been preserved for both durability and longevity. We only use specimens and wings that are of excellent quality. Hand-mounted with precision in the U.S., these framed beauties are spectacular. Framed with coordinating backgrounds to really make the colors POP and the vibrancy shine through.